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  • Do you sell liquor (beer & wine)?
    The sale of liquor is prohibited however you are able to Bring Your Own Bottles (BYOB) but it will need to be maintained and managed by a licensed professional.
  • Is décor included?
    We do have décor services and packages available through our sister company Trending and Design starting at $699. Décor is not included in the space rental.
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    Yes. The food will need to be prepared by a licensed professional.
  • I want to get a price quote for an event.
    Hello! Please fill out the 'Request a Quote' form. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a personalized quote.
  • What does the room come with?
    The room rental includes tables and chairs for up to 50 guests.
  • What is the earliest time I can come to set up?
    Each rental is based on an 8-hour timeframe including event setup and breakdown. Excluding promotional rates terms and conditions. Set up time will be based on the agreed upon time and no time before. Anything outside the agree upon time frame may result in an additional $150 per hour plus security fees.
  • What is the latest time we can rent the space to?
    The space can be rented between the hours of 11am-11pm. Each rental is based on an 8-hr. time frame including event set up and breakdown. However, for any event over 75 people or that goes beyond 11pm we require our armed security. With exception to promotional rates. Anything over that time frame would result in an additional $150 per hour plus security fees.
  • I would like to come tour the space in person.
    Of course! Our space is located at Scarlet's Event House 7778A NW 44th ST Lincoln Park Plaza, Lauderhill, FL 33351 (954) 280-1474 We conduct site tours on Wednesdays. Please book a site tour appointment.
  • How many people can your space fit?
    Our space can accommodate up to 75 seated guests and 100 standing (max). Our space is 1495 sq. ft.
  • Can we change the drapes?
    Yes, you can. We have draping services available starting at $699.
  • How much time is needed to secure my slot?
    We require one month in advance booking. We charge a $200 fee for last minute bookings if the date is available. We also require a signed contract and 50% of the deposit. A refundable fee of $200 is also required and will be returned if the event is clean and cleared by the agreed upon time.
  • I want to check availability for a specific date?
    Of course! Please fill out the 'Request a Quote' form on the homepage to inquire about a specific date. We will review and get back to you with availability within 24 hours.
  • Is there a kitchen/refrigerator?
    No we do not have a kitchen onsite.
  • Can I hang décor?
    Yes. You are welcome to set up your event. Anything that is suspended or could damage our walls would need to be installed by a professional. The use of glitter, duct tape on our floor, paint, or anything that is damaging to the structure is prohibited and can result into additional fees.
  • I am interested in getting more information about renting the space.
    Absolutely! Check out our 'Packages' list on our site. Then fill out the 'Request a Quote' Form. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a personalized quote.
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