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What's trending in Summer Fun?

Things to do while social distancing while still being connected to the outside world

With Covid-19 affecting our social lives, getting out while being safe has become our new way of life. Wearing face coverings and constant hand washing has folks hesitating to step out. Here are a few of ideas of things while keeping distant without losing your sanity.

How about a drive in movie?

This can be a very inexpensive night out weither it is a date night or a night out with the family. Pop your own popcorn. Load up some folding chairs and pillows. Enjoy the the show from the comforts and safty of your vehicle. Rain or shine this sure to be a great night out!

Want to go for a ride?

Find a natural trail in your area and take a daily bike ride or walk. Not only is this good for your physical health but it also helps to get you outside with out being around lots of people.

Want to travel?

How about taking a trip to whatever country you like without leaving your home? We put up party decoration, specifically Asian decor for Chinese night and Mexican decor for our Taco night and ordered in.

What about date night?

Have a wine and chocolate tasting at home. You can enjoy good wine and good company without spending the extras on parking and gas. Dating Divas has a great printable for you to use and try to guide you

Want a spa day?

Make it a spa day at home. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. Put on a face mask. Add a hair treatment to your hair. Have the kids paint your nails. Exchange massages with your partner. Careful, this could lead to an intimate moment.

Let's play games

Have a fun game night at home. Even if you do not own any board games you still can do this one. Play virtual Pictonary or Chararades. One of my favorites is virtual Family Feud You can do this using Zoom or any other videoing platform with others outside your home to increase the fun.

Life's a garden, dig it (Joe Dirt)!

Get your hands dirty with the kiddos and start planting your own fruit. I would suggest that you reach the seed packs and what they suggest. You don't want to be planting fruit that are not in season. You maybe disappointed if they do not grow. If you do it right you may just have more than a good time.

Vegas pool party anyone?

Crank up the tunes, turn on the grill, and throw some drinks in the cooler! If you already have a pool great, but if not, you can get a 10ft blow up pool and do just the same. I added some beach balls and beach chairs to pump up the experiance. I happen to be lucky to be married to a man you DJ's as one of his talents so that really made it fun for us but you can always use a music streaming app to keep the vibes going at home.

Who wants ice cream?

I do, I do! Why not make it at home? Have fun and make homemade ice cream with the kids. You can make beautiful ice cream pops or make it a build your own sundae. Both options are sure to keep you cool and smiling.


There are many Yoga videos available online. Get your family together and do a Yoga class together. Practice your breathing and stretching together. If you have never done it before no worries, you can save yourself the embarassment I am including the link to some video

It is important for your physical and mental health to keep your body moving. Pause and enjoy moments with your family!

Be safe and wash your hands!

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