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What's trending in Cocktails?

Beautiful earthy drinks for those who dare to be different!! Edible flower cocktails for yourself or the group: Rose water spritzer and Chamomile tea and whisky

Since we are doing a series called " The Cocktail Hour" I figured I would let you all in a one our best kept secret. A few years ago I attended at fashion show that kind of had an urban lounge vibe to it. Like most events there is an opportunity mingle with other guest and enjoy the freebees. One of the free services offered, was free liquor by a company that was just trying to launch their brand. They stood out to me because of how they were serving up the vodka. They added flowers and different cuts of fruit depending how you mixed it. It was great!!

So of course I got curious to see what other drinks I could make with flowers. Well options are plenty, let me tell you! The key is to know which flowers can be used/disguested. ( you can find almost anything on Pinterest

These are my top 2 picks so far, for edible flower cocktail recipes.

Enjoy my friends!

Rose water and Vodka Spritzer


1 table spoon of lemon juice

2 tables spoons of rose water

2oz. of vodka

1 can of seltzer water

(squeeze of blood orange juice, optional)

The group

1 cup of lemon juice

2 cups of rose water

1 cup of vodka

1/2 gallon of seltzer

Chamomile Tea and Whiskey


1 Chaomile tea bag

2 table spoons of lemon

1 tea spoon of honey

1 oz. of whiskey

8 oz. of water

Chamomile flowers (optional)

The Group 6 Chamomile tea bags

3 Lemons

4 tbsp Honey

6 fl oz Whiskey or bourbon

64 fl oz Water

Chamomile flowers (optional)

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