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Whats Trending with the kids? Transforming Plain White Flowers into Color Science

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

We always need a way to keep the kiddos busy. Why not give them a skill while helping you that they could use down the line?!


This fun little craft project with the kids is like a multi facet in 1. Need specific colored flowers for a party? Here's a job you CAN give to a 4 year old! They will have fun while doing it and may learn a thing or two about science.

Maybe you do not have a 4 year old and still want to try it out. GO for it!This maybe something you use on your next project.

Supplies needed for the color changing flowers science experiment

White flowers

Glass jars


Liquid water color or food coloring


Step 1. Prep your supplies and build the mometum of the project. Ask your child/children questions as to what they think will happen.

Step 2. Fill your jars about 1/3 of the way with water and add the food coloring.

Step 3. Cut your flowers down enough so they stick out just a bit over the top of your glass jar and place them in your colored water.

Step 4. Watch the transformation of your flower color.

For more information about this project please feel free to access the link below.

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