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What's trending with the kids? Encouraging their Art!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Introducing Mr. Bruno (my son)

I would like to introduce you all to my little artist Mr. Bruno!

Bruno is not a very big sports kid due to him having ashma so he spends most of his time drawing his little charaters, playing with play dough, and building with blocks. This picture in particular is how he sees my best friend and himself.

What I love about his drawing is the attention to detail he pays. If you have big eyes, he will draw you with big eyes. If you have long hair he will draw you with long hair. The pictures he draws of me tend to have distict eyebrows. It so funny how he can make a stick figure animated.

Most of all I encourage him to challenge himself in his drawings and keep going. Too many times we want to encourage our children to take on the things that culturally we think will provide them the best life however, it may not always be the best life for them. So let them explore the things they do like to do. Research and show them different ways they CAN make their passions work for them. Most great things were created out of nececity and people thinking the idea of it is insane.

Another Bruno original....he's going to be great everyday!!

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